The History of Somerset Sight

Somerset Sight (formerly Somerset Association for the Blind) was founded in February 1919, at much the same time as many other counties were establishing similar societies, in response to the needs of wounded soldiers returning from the First World War.

The organisation has had many addresses but in 2000 we moved to our current site at Northfield House, on Staplegrove Road in Taunton.
The aims of the organisation have always been the same since its foundation - to empower blind and partially sighted people to live full and independent lives despite sight loss.

To this end 'Home Teachers' were appointed in the early days, to look into the specific training needs encountered by blind and partially-sighted people.
Social support and advice were also provided, particularly during the war years when help was required with gas masks, blackout precautions, rationing and so on. These 'Home Teachers' were in fact the original Social Workers for the Blind, and were employed by the organisation but funded with a grant from the County Council.