Talking Newspapers

Taunton Deane Audio news(TDAN)

TDAN has been providing this service for over 30 years. Normally, news is taken from the Somerset County Gazette and Wellington Weekly News, and is recorded, by one of five teams, on a Thursday or Friday evening for delivery on a Saturday or soon after, depending on the Royal Mail.

This USB stick can be played on a computer, or we will supply, free of charge, a suitable Orb Player on loan. The stick is sent to you in a reusable plastic wallet via Royal Mail, and it has a return FREEPOST label to send back the stick for re-recording and    re-issue. No stamp is required.

If you are interested in receiving free weekly news via a memory stick, please ring us on 01823 283956 and if on the answerphone, give us your name and a contact telephone number so we can call you back.

Bridgwater Talking News

The Bridgwater Talking News (BTN) is a registered charity started in 2009 which produces each week approximately 70 memory sticks of local news for anyone who is blind, visually impaired or unable to read a newspaper through disability.

Arrangements with the Bridgwater Mercury  and the Burnham and Highbridge Weekly Newspapers allow us to include the content of their publications without infringement of copyright - we are most grateful for this concession. There is no charge for the service which is  delivered by Royal Mail free of charge.

If you are interested please visit the contact us page on the website.

Frome Talking Newspaper

Frome Talking Newspaper is a service where items from the Frome Standard and the Frome Times are recorded weekly by Frome people.

The recordings, on Memory Stick, are sent free of charge by post to people who are Registered Blind and Partially Sighted. The Talking Newspaper is also broadcast by FromeFM every Saturday at 12-1pm and available as a download from this page.

If you know anyone who would benefit from receiving the Talking Newspaper please contact Mrs Gill Fone on 01373 462658.


Newsline provides a weekly audio memory stick of local news read from the Chard & Ilminster News with the occasional magazine items of local interest.

Newsline started in its present form in 1986 taking over from the Chard & District Round Tables who had been producing a local talking newspaper since 1977. We have a great team of volunteers who come together each week to record the news. These include the editors, readers, recorders, pouch preparers and memory stick copiers who also fill the pouches and take them to the Post Office. Without the dedication of these people, Newsline would not be possible.

The audio memory sticks (USBs) are put into yellow labelled pouches and sent to listeners by post (free of charge for the blind or visually impaired) or delivered by hand. Listeners will need a Sovereign player to listen to the news, and these are supplied to new listeners, who are shown how to use them.
They are very simple and straightforward to use and can be plugged into the mains, or run from the rechargeable battery, which means they can easily be moved around. These players cost us £30 and, if possible, we would be grateful for a donation to cover the cost of these, or whatever is affordable. This is a one off donation and the player remains the property of the listener.

We are always on hand to help should any problems arise.

Please visit the contact us page on our website to register interest.