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Batty Quantocks – Taster sessions

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The Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme (QLPS) are running a taster session for Somerset Sight members to join us in exploring the bat population in French Weir Park. Starting at Northfield House, we will chat a bit about bats before heading out with some detectors to try and find some bats!

QLPS is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and hosted by the Quantock Hills AONB Service. We have 23 individual projects, one of which, ‘Batty Quantocks’, aims to increase understanding of Quantock bat populations and give opportunities for many new people to learn about bats and their habitats, creating a sensory experience for everyone involved.

Bats use echolocation and our bat detectors convert their ultrasonic noises into noise within human hearing, this comes out as a series of clicks or beeps. Each species of bat sounds different on a bat detector so you can begin to learn which bats are present by the sound they make.

The initial taster sessions are:

Saturday 30th of April at 7:30pm
Saturday 7th of May at 8pm.

The park is very accessible and we will be serving light refreshments.
Families with children are welcome.

If you enjoy the session, we are aiming to follow on with more sessions at various accessible locations around the Quantock Hills.

Please contact the Office on 01823 333818 for more information on how to book a place.

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