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Somerset Sight

Working with people who lack sight, not vision

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Somerset Sight

Discovering you are losing your sight can be a devastating blow.
It can be a disorientating, scary and lonely time.

Our aim is to provide services, training and leisure activities that will help maintain independence and improve the quality of life of anyone who is affected by sight loss.

To find out more, please click on the below button, or call the office on 01823 333818.

We offer many services and can point you in the right direction if we cannot help.

In Your Area

The Mobile Advisory Service (MAS) can now be found in Devon on the following dates and locations for advice and purchasing resources:

Tue 4th June and Tue 6th August
Tesco’s carpark, Cullompton – 10.30am to 3.30pm

Tue 2nd July and Tue 3rd September
Tesco’s carpark, Tiverton – 10.30am to 3.30pm

 Find out about activities and local support available in your area by clicking on and selecting In Your Area at the top or on the complete MAS dates below.
If proposing a specific visit to the MAS, please call the office on 01823 333818 to check it will be in your area.

Aids and Equipment

Here at Somerset Sight we know that the right equipment and advice is crucial for you to retain your independence.

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Get Involved

Find out how to get involved and support Somerset Sight.


At Somerset Sight we rely enormously on fundraising and individual donations to continue our vital work.


Volunteers are always needed across the county to help Somerset Sight in its vital work with visually impaired people.