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Welcome to Somerset Sight

Working with people who lack sight, not vision

Discovering that you are losing your sight can be devastating.  Somerset Sight is here to give support at such a time and help people of all ages with sight loss to find ways of continuing to live a full and independent life.

We are an independent, self-funding local charity - providing services and activities for sight impaired people within their local communities throughout the county of Somerset. 

Currently around 2000 visually impaired people are benefiting from our services although we understand there may be as many as 19000 people within the county living with a sight impairment.  We are working hard to raise awareness of our services; anyone with a concern about their sight can contact Somerset Sight at any time for help and advice.

We hope that this website will give you useful information and if you would like to know more about services available, for yourself, a family member or an acquaintance, please do contact us, Somerset Sight staff are always happy to help.

Please follow the links below for news and information about our services

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Somerset Sight is a charity and company limited by guarantee, registered in England.

Charity Registration Number 1154472. Company number: 8432686